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Oral Ulcers / Oral Cancer


Many of the conditions do present in an oral cavity in the form of ulcers. They may be due to stress, allergic reactions, vitamin deficiencies, hypersensitive reaction, during viral disorders and so on. One should diagnose properly the cause and presentation of ulcers accordingly treatment. Oral Medicine Specialist is the one who is specifically trained in this and provides the proper diagnosis and treatment thereby alleviating the symptoms and improves the well being of the patient. Oral Mucosa is highly reactive to the psychological instincts of the person. Many of the psychological imbalances do result in the form of ulcers in the mouth which compromises the overall health as they couldn’t able to take a properly balanced diet.


Many of us have the habits of tobacco consumption either in the form of smoking, chewing, snuffing. It contains nicotine which is addictive for the brain, from which one cannot avoid easily. Tobacco along with other ingredients in the form of a pan, gutkha, jarda, etc do alter the normal mucosa resulting in either the white or red or black patch with the burning sensation of the mouth. If one can recognize the condition at this stage we may defer the process of progression to cancer. ORAL MEDICINE specialist is the one who is trained in these conditions who can diagnose at an early stage and provide the proper treatment accordingly. When you have such symptoms, itis better to consult a specialist and take the necessary treatment otherwise results in a life taking miserable oral cancer.

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